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knowledgeable and committed



Suzanne began her Business career back in the late 70s when she led a team of salespeople who sold magazine subscriptions all over the world and in such countries as Europe and the Middle East. She was only 18 when she headed up this group of much older members. After a brief stint living abroad in the country of Bahrain, Suzanne returned back to the states and began her second career in the sales and distribution of high-end computers and equipment for lawyers and major law firms. For seven straight years Suzanne’s south Florida region led the US in total sales and production for the computer company she represented. During one of her last sales calls, she strolled into the office of a young entrepreneur to sell him computers and walked out with both a sales contract and a marriage proposal. Although Suzanne retired to become a mother of 3 children, 4 German shepherd dogs and 2 cats, she nonetheless focused her attention and became an expert in the field of health and nutrition. This included both food and the air and surfaces that we come in contact with. Even before Covid came around, Suzanne’s entrepreneurial itch had her building what is today called, The leader in germicidal products and services.



Larry is a serial entrepreneur having started and built a number of successful businesses ranging from financial services to technology applications, as well as unique products that solve specific problems. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in business administration and finance, and then went on to get an MBA in Finance from Nova University. Larry has lived in plantation Florida for 30 years and is married with three grown children. He is a health and fitness nut who works out 7 days a week and watches every item of food that he puts in his body. Larry is the type of guy who never quits until the results are achieved.