We Love working with Restaurants, Small Businesses & Schools

However, our Rolls-Royce quality UVC, Ozone and Ionization products are perfectly suited for so many other locations. Today, there are lots of UVC, Ozone and Ionization products on the market but very few will actually do what you need them to or believe they will. Our custom designed and effective UVC, Ozone and Ionization products will produce the results you need, want and expect.


Small Businesses


Waiting Rooms

Nursing Homes






Fire Stations


Focused Results

  • Happy Customers
  • Germ Free Clean Air
  • Healthy Employees and Students
  • Sanitized Surface Tops and Bottoms


Blu Whale Technologies reviewed the entire marketplace for you and all the products available. We then chose the single best products for each focused result desired. Effectiveness, Price, Warranty and Support were the criteria we used. Our products are the best of the best!


What is it?

It is one of the 3 invisible rays of light given off by the sun. It is a very intense beam of light energy that when focused on germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi, on surfaces and in the air, at a peak wavelength level of 254 nanometers, will kill them immediately, including COVID-19.


What is it?

OZONE is a natural and man-made gas that is created and made up of three oxygen atoms. Most OZONE (around 90%) is found in the stratosphere, which begins about 6–10 miles above the earth’s surface. This is known as the “ozone layer”. It is not visible to the naked eye and can many times be slightly smelled right after a thunderstorm or lightning. An oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. When billions of oxygen molecules break apart at one time, the individual oxygen atoms will quickly try to find a partner again. But what happens for a short period of time is there will be 3 oxygen atoms that connect together with each other instead of 2. This new group of 3 oxygen atoms is now called OZONE GAS-O3. This gas then oxidizes anything/surface that it touches and attaches to. As a point of reference, ozone gas in water is 10 times stronger than pure chlorine, which is also the strongest disinfectant the public can buy. Simply put, our OZONE units produce millions of lightning strikes inside the unit throughout the entire cycle that the unit is on. The net result produced is OZONE gas that cleans, disinfects and destroys almost every pathogen it touches on the surface or in the air.


What is it?

An ionization air and surface purifier is a device that you can place inside your home or business location which uses a unique form of technology to clean the air and surfaces around you. This type of device is very powerful because it can help to get rid of particles as small as .01 microns in size. This includes most pollen, bacteria, allergens, and dust that cause breathing problems and overall lower health, including Covid 19 & 20.

Ionization uses high voltage to give an electrical charge (usually negative) to either particles that move through the ionizer, or to molecules in the air. These charged molecules are called ions, and the ions will then stick to particles. In either case, the end result is particles with an electrical charge.

Charged particles are attracted to particles or surfaces with the opposite charge. This causes the particles to clump together, forming larger, heavier particles that settle out of the air onto nearby surfaces. Alternately, particles can be attracted to, and stuck to, charged surfaces like carpet or curtains that have gained a positive charge through static electricity. Electrostatic air purifiers take advantage of this fact by providing a positively charged collector plate that attracts particles and destroys them.


What will they do?

The right UVC, Ozone and Ionization products used properly, is totally safe and will sterilize and clean your entire restaurant, business and school. This includes your kitchen, dining room, counters, tables, chairs, office equipment, classrooms, etc., and virtually every item treated, all within one hour. All germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi will be destroyed on contact and your employees and customers will feel safe and secure. Your business location will be given a window sticker and a table stand letting customers know that your place has been sanitized.